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Dear Mr. Tippens, Enclosed please find our payment for the copper gutters, etc. We are so pleased with the service that we receive with your company as well as the gutters themselves. We will definetly recommend you to our friends! Rich & Kelly Wills

From the finest homes to the simplest residences, we are honored to serve!


PROBLEM A small homeowner has water flooding over the gutters creating problems and erosion.

SOLUTION The gutter is too small to handle the amount of water coming off the roof, so we quickly installed a larger gutter and downspout to take care of the water. Problem Solved.

PROBLEM A contractor has a steeply pitched roof with water overflowing the gutter where the roofs meet.

SOLUTION We install a 7" gutter with a 4"x5" downspout to catch the water as it meets and runs down in the valleys. Problem Solved.

PROBLEM A home improvement company is battling water running between gutter and fascia board, rotting out woodwork.

SOLUTION We installed flashing to direct the flow of water into the gutters. Problem Solved.

What we do?

For the past 45 years we have served the Atlanta community with trusted and reliable service. In that time we have seen many changes come to the construction venue, but providing quality products and bringing a job in on time and on budget has brought us through market downturns and upswings and made us many lasting friendships.

We are honored to serve some of the area's largest contractors as well as some of the finest home builders. In addition, we serve the many needs of the growing and established and residential communities throughout the city, both repairing and replacing gutters all year round.

We stand behind our products and service and are proud to help build the reputation of the builders who care!

- Jimmy Tippens

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Dear Mr. Tippens, I called your company Monday the 28th of August and asked for an estimate. That very day the estimate was left on our answering machine. My husband called the next day to request that your company do the job. The very next day the job was finished and what a beautiful job was done. This was the most pleasurable experience we've ever encountered! I just had to write and thank you personally! We will recommend Tippens Gutters to anyone who needs your services! Thanks again!!
- C.B.


We appreciate your trust and confidence and the opportunity to serve you.
All it takes is a phone call to our offices and we will respond immediately. Please call us at your convenience day or night, leave a message and we will return your call promptly: 770-942-2002.

Fast service!

Just wanted to say thank you for the fast service I received. Also wanted to commend the crew that did the job as they were very polite, friendly and did a great job.

- Jean Beintz


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