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Dear Mr. Tippens,
I would like to thank you and your employees for completing the installation of new gutters at our home. We are very pleased with the job your company has done, and we would be happy to provide a reference to prospective customers of Tippens Gutter Service.

- Craig C. Melton

PROBLEM Architect required old style of gutters in keeping with the style of house.

SOLUTION We installed half round copper gutters with round copper downspouts for a blended look and feel that provided an excellent solution and met with everyone's approval. Problem Solved.

To find solutions

Not every job is the same, but every job requires the same attention to detail and commitment to getting it right!

We are called upon to not only install guttering, but to evaluate drainage, flows, roof lines, impediments, indigenous growths, and numerous other elements and conditions that impact proper drainage for a structure.

We make it our business to present a solution that addresses the source of the problem and provides the customer with the best long-term solution within the constraints of their budget.

Ideal solutions


It would be great if we could work in a perfect world, where every project had only the simplest solution and every product lasted a lifetime.

But for those of us who have earned the respect of both our clients and our employees, we have long applied the standard of "no job is worth doing without doing it right", and to that end, we use the right products for the right application and that has always been an "ideal solution" for us.

For product information, please call our office with your specifications. We look forward to serving you!


Serving our customer's needs


When we come to your place of business or visit your home, or facility, or look over your drawings, we are there to determine the most cost effective and best solution based on the available data.

As many of have learned the hard way over the years, not all gutters are created equal, and certainly not all installations are comparable.

Even modest budgets should not have to suffer with inferior results. There are many products available that can meet the needs of the individual customer, and we are in the business of giving customer satisfaction. Call us, and discover why we have such a good reputation for both quality and service.



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